[Web4lib] [web4lib] Circulating Magazines

Ryan Claringbole rclaringbole at gmail.com
Thu May 19 18:06:04 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem that my system is
having.  We are looking to circulate magazines to the public.  We thought we
could put an RFID tag on them and have them be available for self checkout,
but unfortunately we are running into two problems:

1) cost.  All those tags would add up quickly.  Unfortunately, I don't think
there is a solution to this problem IF we stick with the RFID tags;
2) some of the magazines do not have a bar code to scan and implement into
the RFID tag.  This also pertains to cataloging the magazines into the

Do any of you have a sound system to catalog & checkout magazines?  Any help
that you could provide would be much appreciated.


Ryan Claringbole
Chesapeake Public Library

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