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Mutch, Andrew AMutch at twp.waterford.mi.us
Tue Mar 8 21:38:22 EST 2011


I've hosted Jen Swan's "Reading Rants" WP site on DreamHost for the past
4 years. We've been running around  500,000 requests per month for the
past year (each page view includes a lot of book covers which runs up
the total request numbers). We've only had a handful of times when the
site went completely down or was running extremely slow and all of those
outages were resolved promptly. DreamHost's tech suppport is pretty good
and I only had one support session that went more than a day when they
had multiple servers fail at once. I use their basic package and that
runs a little under $10 per month for hosting. They also throw in a
domain registration for free. 


Because I'm able to host multiple sites on a single account, my hosting
cost per site actually is much less than $10/ month and it's nice being
able to manage all the sites including the databases from a single web
site. I think this is pretty typical for most hosting services these
days but because I've been happy with DH, I haven't had to look around. 

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician
Waterford Township Public Library
Waterford, MI

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My library is looking into WordPress hosting and I was curious if anyone
has had experience with the 4 options listed on Wordpress.org (BlueHost,
DreamHost, MediaTemple, and Laughing Squid).

We are going to roll out a few sites this summer, but our userbase and
usage are really not that large or intense. We have maybe 150,000 visits
a semester with around 416,000 pageviews. We are not streaming video.
The sites are not that complex or intensive.

I am also considering getting vaultpress accounts for each of our sites.

Any feedback or experiences would be much appreciated.

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