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Zoe Friedlander zfriedlander at oscars.org
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I have a small Wordpress site on a shared server at Bluehost. This is
purely anecdotal but will share it anyway--my pages were reasonably fast
to access when I first started having a site there, but in the past six
months, it's gotten much slower. I've contacted customer support several
times, and I've talked to or received emails from a number of very nice
people, but they keep telling me it's nothing to do with them and I
should contact my ISP; and when I talk to our IT guy, he tells me it
can't be something at our ISP because we're not having trouble accessing
any other sites. My site is not a blog--we're using it for shared
policies and procedures documents.

I kind of think the slowness is caused by the fact that I'm perhaps
sharing my shared host with too many other sites but it's pretty hard
(for me at least) to track anything down...however it does seem to be a
lot faster in the evening. I guess just think about how you will handle
it if you have an issue with your site and the hosting company says it's
caused by your ISP and your ISP says it must be the hosting company.

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My library is looking into WordPress hosting and I was curious if anyone
had experience with the 4 options listed on Wordpress.org (BlueHost,
DreamHost, MediaTemple, and Laughing Squid).

We are going to roll out a few sites this summer, but our userbase and
are really not that large or intense. We have maybe 150,000 visits a
semester with around 416,000 pageviews. We are not streaming video. The
sites are not that complex or intensive.

I am also considering getting vaultpress accounts for each of our sites.

Any feedback or experiences would be much appreciated.

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