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Hoyte, Daniel hoyte at chapman.edu
Tue Jul 26 12:32:09 EDT 2011

Three years ago, we had Serials Solutions. Then, we are not happy with the responsiveness to correcting bad data in title lists. We moved to a hosted instance of CUFTS from Simon Fraser University. We have not looked back, since.

The good:
-SFU is extremely responsive to requests. They often have the solution for us the same day that we put in the request.
-Title list updating is fast and simple.
-Creating fully custom title lists is straightforward.
-If something happens, we can pull our data and run our own CUFTS server.

-We discovered that the bad data was not generated by Serials Solutions, so that was not helped by switching. At least now, we can fix the bad data.
-<tongue firmly in cheek> Our staff is MUCH more aware of bad data with our e-journals.</tongue firmly in cheek>

Daniel Hoyte M.R.S.
Senior Library Systems Technician
Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University
Skype: daniel.hoyte

- Who knew a comma in the wrong place 
- could make a floppy disk catch fire?
                   - Cary Gordon

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We're choosing a new openURL and journal list provider, since OCLC is not
going to offer 1cate (Worldcat Link Manager) as a stand alone service after
this year.

If you are happy or conversely, unhappy with your openURL supplier, could
you drop me a line?  Right now we're looking at SFX's hosted service and
Serials Solutions, but would consider others -- except for EBSCO.  We had
them in the past, and there were some serious problems.

Stacy Pober
Information Alchemist
Manhattan College Library
Riverdale, NY 10471
stacy.pober at manhattan.edu
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