[Web4lib] Anyone doing streaming video reserves for online film classes?

William Helman william.helman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 17:05:57 EDT 2011

We are in the information gathering stage of a project to look at offering
streaming video course reserves for online/distance multimedia classes the
University of Baltimore offers.  Think Netflix streaming for obsucure films
not on Netflix (such as digitized films from special collections, or
instructor personal copies).  I was wondering if anyone out there has any
experience with this sort of thing?

We currently use Slingbox (http://www.slingmedia.com/), but this will not
scale to what our faculty have in mind.  The most pressing needs (besides
system tools to help maintain fair use), are one that is reliable outside of
library hours and one that lets us upload our own content.

Our partner from campus IT is investigating http://www.kaltura.org/, anyone
have experience with it?

Thanks, and sorry for the cross post.

  -Bill Helman

Integrated Digital Services Librarian - University of Baltimore Langsdale

whelman at ubalt.edu - ph. 410 837 4209 - http://whelman.com

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