Dream Teams

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Wed Dec 14 17:58:17 EST 2011

Dear readers -

The editors of Best of Publib are holding the first ever Best of Publib
Dream Teams contest.


We are looking for nominations for Dream Team - Real World and Dream Team -

   - Director
   - Assistant Director
   - Marketing/Communications Director
   - Head of Technology
   - Head of Circulation
   - Head of Cataloging / Technical Services
   - Head of Reference
   - Youth Services / Children’s Librarian
   - three Reference Librarians
   - two Circ Desk Staff
   - two stacks
   - 4 trustees
   - Library Mascot

 Who rocks at reference? Who directs like no other? Which trustees are
trustworthy? Who rules the Library web? Who will be number 1?

The top five nominees for each position will receive recognition in January
in a special edition of Best of Publib. Those top entries will be presented
for a vote by all of the Best of Publib Readers to determine the ultimate
2011 Real World and Fantasy Librarian Dream Teams.


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