Suggestions for lightweight inventory tool for curricular collection

Charlie Morris cdmorris22 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 13 08:42:58 EST 2011

Not knowing all the details, you probably could use Drupal.  Right now
I'm working on a project that takes XML data being served out from our
ILS by a Python script and turns it into a "node" in Drupal.  A node
is just a distinct piece of content of a certain type.  As items are
checked in/out, the Python script modifies the XML and then Drupal
updates the necessary fields for the nodes.  What's nice about Drupal
is that you can define all of the fields yourself, have certain fields
update and certain fields stay constant, and then you can write custom
"views" (basically like a GUI on an SQL query) to make it display in
multiple locations on your website in different formats.  So, you
could "write" a view to display a single item, or you could write a
view to list aggregate information.

Hope that's relevant/helpful.

-Charlie Morris
NC State University Libraries

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:43 AM, Pulliam, Beatrice
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> Good Morning All,
> I'm hoping someone out there has a recommendation or two for lightweight inventory software that can be used to keep track curricular materials (kits, lab equipment, etc.)  Open source (with a decent GUI is preferable) and/or proprietary options are fine.  Adding these items to our ILS is not optimal. Would like to be able to bar code materials, scan into inventory database, track checkouts, perform light searching of database, etc., but want something that the folks responsible for collection can manage easily.  Thanks for any suggestions.
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