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You probably read this already, but this is a negative view of Facebook and
academic libraries. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions.


Our library's Facebook page is at 1,800 likes out of over 30,000 students
and we only started in Feb 2011 with minimal publicity.

Not sure if we are getting that much engagement in terms of comments, we do
get "likes" on most manual posts and Facebook insights (new) showing
typical posts have a reach of 500 to 1k+ (autoposts tend to be Penalized) ;
 pictures seem to work better.

That alone I think is worth it, particularly when you consider the cost of
posting (almost zero) . What other medium gives you so much reach short of
mass emails (which our students hate since everyone does it)? Certainly not

So for very little cost, we have what blogs were supposed to do in terms of
reach. Of course next step is getting user engagement but still trying to
figure that one out. I suspect posting in a engaging, less formal style
(talk about social media and grades!) , contests, asking questions etc help.


On Dec 4, 2011, at 6:19 AM, "Murphy, Michael P." <
murphym34 at owls.southernct.edu> wrote:

  Greetings Web4,

 I was curious as to your thoughts on libraries employing web 2.0
technologies, such as Facebook or Twitter? Does your library use these
services, and if so, do your patrons respond? Personally, my library uses
these services but part of me feels like they are a waste of time, as the
patrons don't really respond to them and they just cause extra work for the
librarians. What are your feelings?

 Thanks in advance,

 Michael Murphy

Southern Connecticut State University

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