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Nieves Gonzalez nievesglez at US.ES
Sun Dec 4 07:09:23 EST 2011

Hi all,
Do you know if any library is collecting data from their social networks and
social sites on a regular basis? I refer to data such as number of posts in
blogs, Twitter followers, Facebook comments, etc.
I would like to establish some kind of metrics in order to define some
quality indicators.
I'm librarian and teacher in Seville, Spain.
Thanks a lot.

Nieves González Fernández-Villavicencio

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 04:13, Kim Lehn <rajunask1 at owls.southernct.edu>wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> The public library that I frequently use has a Facebook and a Twitter
> account.  It
> has almost 500 people who "Like" them on Facebook, and about 80 followers
> on
> Twitter.  It is interesting to me that they post different information on
> both.  The
> Facebook account has fewer updates and usually posts about upcoming events.
> Other than the library posts, there is very little activity on the
> account. The
> Twitter account is updated almost daily, letting followers know about
> upcoming
> events.  If there is no event to post about they share other tidbits of
> information
> about the library.
> I am guessing that they are managed by two different people.  Personally I
> think
> they should update on Facebook more because there are way more followers.
>  I
> also don't think that it is a waste of time, it is just one more way to
> reach out to
> patrons.  To me it is easier to learn about library events through the
> news-feeds
> rather than visiting the library websites.
> Kim Lehn
> MLS Student
> Southern Connecticut State University
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