Configuring an OpenURL Resolver

Stacy Pober stacy.pober at MANHATTAN.EDU
Sat Dec 3 17:37:43 EST 2011

I'm sure it is possible to run your own openURL resolver, but the
question is really whether you can keep your own updated knowledge
base.  That would seem to be the more labor-intensive task:  updating
the holdings information for all of the databases you get at your
library, particularly if you get your databases from many different

Pre-openURL era, I would manually collect and compile our database
journal access information and add our local holdings to make our
library's journal list.  It's a lot of work, and it was something I
was glad to give up when it was offered as a service by a number of

For a long time, we were using 1cate and then when OCLC bought it, it
was renamed WorldCat Link Manager.  Having an outside service manage
the database information was well worth the cost of the service, and
the 1cate/OCLC support was excellent.

We would have continued to use that product it if OCLC had not decided
to stop offering the service.  They made that announcement last
August, and the service is supposed to end at the end of 2011.
However, I just got an announcement from OCLC that they decided to
continue the service under another name: Integrated Link Resolution or
ILR.  They will be bundling it with some kind of ERM service, I think.

Unfortunately, they announced their change in plans so late in the
year that we had already signed up with another service, Serials
Solutions.    They sent us the info less than a month before the
service was supposed to be discontinued. We would have preferred to
stay with 1cate/WCLM, but did not expect this change of heart from

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On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:24 PM, Rachel Davis <rdavis at> wrote:
> Is it possible to configure an OpenURL Resolver yourself?  If so, does
> anyone have simple instructions for how to do it?  I am in trying to
> configure the WordPress Plugin OpenBook for use on our new website (which is
> in development,) and I'd like the book data to link back to our own catalog.
>  Does anyone have experience with doing this if you don't already have an
> OpenURL resolver?
> Thanks!
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