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I wish I had data to share, but I wish you luck!  I'm trying to convince higher level staff of the need to create a mobile III catalog as well and feel your pain!

Best wishes!

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I'm in the situation of having to meet with our college marketing and IT departments to justify why it is we, the library, need our own mobile website. We're planning on using LibraryAnywhere, as I've been on a trial for about a month now and think it does everything we need it to do (and at a reasonable price!). After I'd built the initial site, our director mentioned it to the head of IT, who exclaimed that they are already working on a college site.

In any case, we're meeting with these folks next week to show what I've built with the software, and explain why the library is different from the rest of campus (i.e., we're a III library who's not going to pay for AirPAC, so our IT department would not be able to get into Millennium for a mobile site, thereby totally leaving out many of the services our patrons would want).

I'd love to be able to bring some statistics to the table at this meeting, to show the impact a library mobile site can have. I've searched for articles giving some concrete stats on mobile library usage, but without much luck. If anyone has implemented a library mobile site and has some stats (how many hits in a month or year or whatever, time spent on site, etc... Google Analytics type info) I would be thrilled to have them. It doesn't have to be in detail, of course - whatever you'd be willing to share!

(And if anyone has any tips on dealing with an IT department that doesn't understand, I'd welcome that, too :))

Thank you!

Laura Zusman
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Rivier College
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