[Web4lib] web hosting question

Leo Robert Klein leo at leoklein.com
Tue Sep 28 14:44:27 EDT 2010

I'll second the denomination of Site5.com.  I've used it a lot for 
Drupal sites (hence lots of MySQL & PHP).  It always seems to run a bit 
more quickly than NetSol and BlueHost -- two other hosts I've had to use.


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On 9/28/10 1:11 PM, Ross Singer wrote:
> I use site5.com for a site and I've had no problems to speak of
> (although, admittedly, it's likely I wouldn't notice if there was an
> outage, it's an informational/demo site).  I have run PHP (Drupal,
> Wordpress, homegrown scripts) and Ruby apps there.  They support
> mod_rails.

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