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Seth Cherney sethcherney at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 19 14:24:22 EDT 2010

I have just finished setting up a new website, cathbook.org, dedicated to academic research in theology and philosophy. I am writing you because it is not extremely useful if people do not know about it! If possible, could you perhaps review the resource and include a brief note in your next newsletter? I should point out that this site is absolutely free, and free of advertisements.

Thank You Kindly,  Dr. Seth Cherney


At this point I principally have Medieval and Liturgical texts in Latin. The editions are not always the latest and greatest, but they serve quite well to find those passages you have been looking for over the years, and have not been able to pin down. I can tell you from personal experience that digging into these texts in this form can be quite enriching.

There is so much I want to do, but it is a very slow process. Nevertheless, there are already works from the following authors:

Albertus Magnus, S. (opera omnia)
Alcuinus Flaccus, Abbas S. Martini Turonensis
Alexander De Hales (opera)
Alphanus I., Archiepiscopus Salernitanus
AnHym Author
Arnoldus Heimericius, Decanus Sanctensis
Aurelius Ambrosius, Episcopus Mediolanensis
Aurelius Prudentius Clemens
Beda Venerabilis, Monachus Wirimundensis
Bernhardus Morlanensis, Monachus Cluniacensis, Um 1140.
Bonaventura, S. (opera omnia)
Caelius Sedulius Saec. V. Med.
Ekkehartus, Decanus Sancti Galli
Eugenius III, Episcopus Toletanus
Florus, Diaconus Lugdunensis, Saec. 9. Med.
Franciscus Assisiensis (opera omnia)
Franciscus De Sales, S. (opera omnia)
Fulbertus, Episcopus Carnotensis
Godescalcus Lintpurgensis, Praepositus Aquensis
Godescalcus, Monachus Orbacensis
Gualterus Wiburnus, Ordinis Minorum Franciscanorum
Guido De Basochis, Cantor Catalaunensis
Hartmannus, Abbas Sancti Galli
Heribertus A Rothenburg, Episcopus Eistadiensis
Heriniannus Contractus, Monachus Augiensis
Hermannus Iosephus, Canonicus Steinveldensis
Herradis A Landsberg, Abbatissa Hohenburgensis
Hilarius, Episcopus Pictaviensis,
Hildegardis, Magistra Montis S. Ruperti
Iacobus Caietani De Stephanescis, Cardinalis Diaconus S. Georgii Ad Velum Aureum
Iohannes De Garlandia, Magister Studii Parisini
Iohannes Fidanza Bonaventura. Cardinalis Episcopus Albanensis
Iohannes Peckham, Archiepiscopus Cantuariensis. d. 1292.
Iohannes Tisserandus, Frater Ordinis Minorum
Joannis Duns Scotus, B. (opera omnia)
Johannis Capreolus (opera)
Leo IX., Romanus Pontifex
Magnentius Rabanus Maurus, Archiepiscopus Maguntinus
Magnus Felix Ennodius, Episcopus Ticinensis
Meropius Pontius Paulinus, Episcopus Nolanus
Odilo De Mercoria, Abbas Cluniacensis
Odo, Abbas Cluniacensis
Orricus Scacabarotius, Archipresbyter Mediolanensis
Othlo, Monachus Emmeramensis
Paulinus II, Patriarcha Aquilegiensis
Paulus Diaconus, Monachus Casinensis. d. 799.
Peregrinus, Monachus Hirsaugiensis, Saec. 12/13.
Philippus De Grevia, Cancellarius Parisiensis
Ratpertus, Monachus Sangallensis d. Nach 884.
Reginaldus Cantuariensis, Monachus Sancti Augustini
Robertus Bellarminus, S. (opera omnia)
Sedulius Scottus, Scholasticus Leodiensis
Spiritus Sanctus (opera)
Theodulphus, Episcopus Aurelianensis
Thomas Aquinas, S. (opera omnia)
Thomas Aquinas, S. (Apparatus)
Venantius Fortunatus, Episcopus Pictaviensis
Walahfridus Strabo, Abbas Augiensis
Waldrammus, Monachus Sangallensis, Saec. 9. Ex.


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