[Web4lib] Please contribute library tech data to lib-web-cats

Breeding, Marshall marshall.breeding at Vanderbilt.Edu
Fri Sep 17 15:16:00 EDT 2010

Library Technology Guides (www.librarytechnology.org<http://www.librarytechnology.org>) aims to provide the best resources to general public relating to technology used in libraries. The site includes the lib-web-cats directory of libraries.  lib-web-cats, in addition to its role as a general directory of libraries throughout the world, serves as a repository for the technology products used in each library. Once recorded in lib-web-cats, this information becomes available to anyone interested. I observe that libraries make frequent use of this resource especially when making their own decisions in selecting technology products. The data in lib-web-cats supports the ability to discern patterns regarding what products are gaining or losing ground and trends such as the adoption of proprietary versus open source alternatives.

  lib-web-cats: http://www.librarytechnology.org/libwebcats

Collecting data for lib-web-cats is far more than I can handle unilaterally. Please take a few moments and help me out. I need individuals involved with libraries to review the record for their institution and report any updates needed. Some of the fields of particular interest include:

 -- the current and previous integrated library systems used and the dates of selection.

 -- The current and previous discovery products used and dates of selection.

 -- Link resolvers, federated search products, and any RFID-oriented technologies.

 -- Current name and e-mail address of the best person to contact regarding technology questions for your library. (This information will not display publicly.)

If your library made a procurement decision in the 2010 calendar year for a major technology product, please let me know. I will be writing the Library Journal Automation Marketplace article again this year and this data in lib-web-cats helps support and validate the sales figures provided by the vendors used for that report.

Of course you will want to be sure that all the basic contact information is accurate. Most entries display map that shows the physical location of the library. If it's missing, please let me know the current physical address and the geo-coordinates of your library. Accurate location data supports many of the map-based reports generated by lib-web-cats that have been quite popular (see http://www.librarytechnology.org/blog.pl?ThreadID=145&BlogID=1).

To update an entry you will need to register on the Library Technology Guides (http://www.librarytechnology.org) or just sign in if previously registered. This requirement ensures that I can verify that all changes made are legitimate. All changes are tracked in such a way that I can restore any entry if needed. Once signed in, you will see a button near the bottom of the full listing of the record labeled "Update this Listing." It's also fine to just e-mail me with any changes that need to be made if you find this process cumbersome.

If you do not find an entry for your library, you can use the submit button to create one.  Again, just let me know if you need help.

Please circulate this request widely to your colleagues that may not be subscribed to this mailing list.

Thanks very much for your consideration of this request.


Marshall Breeding

Director For Innovative Technology and Research

Vanderbilt University Libraries

Creator and Editor, Library Technology Guides


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