[Web4lib] well done school library websites?

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That is a tough question. Let's see keeping it purely proprietary
(closed source):
OS: Windows
Server technology: Windows IIS
Development languages: ASP, Cold Fusion, .Net, 
Database: Access,

I am sure that there are others that I missed.

At the end of the day, it does not matter whether you are an open source
or closed source house. If the OS and server applications are not
maintained, you will be hacked.

One thing that helped in opening my bosses to being proactive in
allowing open source application was when I cataloged just how much of
our library services already relied on open source application or their
derivatives. (It is amazing how fast a directive will change once the
full ramifications are understood.)

The second argument that I use is peer-review. There is no peer-review
in proprietary software. You buy it and hope that the developers did
their jobs well. With open source, anyone can see the source code.
Anyone can improve the source code. Often there is discussion of the
code and how to make it better. The parallel, though not perfect, is
that we should not subscribe to ANY peer-reviewed journals because of
the risky and dangerous ideas in them.

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At 12:16 p.m. 02/09/2010, Polly-Alida Farrington wrote:
>Mary Beth - The Dixie Grammar School(Leicestershire UK) is a great 
>example of a WordPress based school library website:

Hello all.

A year ago our Director says NO to any open source solution around 
out there, because of security issues. Later, maybe bad IT 
maintenance but one server to the public was hacked, nothing bad but 
ALL PHP pages were changed to iunclude a picture and a link to the 
hackers side. I's like to present him again the case but I need to be 
sure I include all the security tips that have to be implemented. Any 
suggestions and ideas is very welcomed.

One strange, maybe , question  . If you would have a boss like mine, 
and do have to be there and construct your library system, "not using 
risky open source applications and because I am the boss and I say 
so"... what would be your choice for doing that job? I mean, 
language, database, framework for the language?

Thanks in advance

Jorge Biquez

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