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My experience is in the academic environment with a large e-journal collection and a resolver, so edit this for your situation, but really it's hard to beat LibX as a return on investment. No money changes hands. It took me maybe an hour to set it up.  It's been a while since I looked at our download stats, but last time I did we were well at well over 1000. And demonstrating the magic button to users almost always gets you a Wow! What's to lose? Set up a local version and let some people try it out.

Downsides? The biggest one is browser support.  The current version works well with Firefox, a bit less well with IE.  They're currently working on version 2.0, which at this point is a very different concept, a button rather than a toolbar. My impression from the discussion on the LibX list is that they're focusing on Firefox and Chrome for 2.0, but Blacksburg is a long way from Charlottesville and I have no official knowledge of their plans.

Personally I use it all the time and judging by the questions and comments I get so do a lot of our library staff.

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Our library is thinking about going with the LibX toolbar.   Would love to hear pro/con thoughts from any libraries currently using LibX.  Would also be interested in hearing from any libraries using a different product.



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