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Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Mon Jul 12 14:55:37 EDT 2010

We use a system I wrote to use with Google Calendars in python for Zope.

The request form python script checks the 4 Google Calendars for conflicts.  
First, the room calendar, then the Special Collections Hours calendar, then 
the Library Hours calendar, and last the Holiday Calendar.  This room is not 
available if Special Collections is closed.

  If there are no conflicts, the data goes into a postgresql database and an 
email is sent our approver with a brief summary and with a link the retrieves 
the the data into a WEB page.  The approver can click Approve or Not Approved.  
The approver may also change any data if need be, the data is brought up in a 
form just like the original request page except with the approval buttons.

  If the request is not approved then the requester is sent an email, there is 
an option to add additional information to that email, informing the requester 
the event is not approved.

If the request is approved then a boolean field in the database is updated to 
publish the event in Google Calendar.  Also, the room setup crew gets an email 
copy of the event and the event is copied to their Google Calendar which is on 
the student worker's machine (WEB desktop).  If the checkbox for room use 
instruction was checked, then another email goes out to the person responsible 
for training people how to use equipment in that room.

A python cron job running every 15 minutes checks the database for any new 
records that has the publish boolean equal to true for and reads each of those 
records from the database and publishes them to a Google Calendar.

And, I receive a copy of all the emails.

If you or anyone wants more particulars I will be glad to share the scripts 
and Zope information.  It is likely all of this can be done just with apache 
and python with the files I have and editing of course.


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> Who is using what program to manage booking of auds,. and studyrooms?
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