[Web4lib] Link to Library site on College website

John Fereira jaf30 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 28 20:32:20 EST 2010

Robert Balliot wrote:
> Yes, Bill, it is marketing.  If there had been active marketing going on,
> libraries would dominate the web today and securing budgets and funding
> would be much, much easier.
> When I interned in reference at Brown University back in 1993-1994 at their
> brand new '21st Center Reference Desk'  search results would most likely
> come from an academic institution in lovingly handcrafted hypertext.   With
> the heavyweights of the Web represented by the academic offshoots of
> ARPANET, the edu sites dominated. Commercial was very limited. Mozilla and
> the Yahoo! index rocked. 

I'd be curious to see some actual statistics on this.  I was working as 
a systems administrator at a division of a large .com organization in 
1993.  It was about that time that we moved to new facility and we had 
about 750 machines on the intranet (with full internet access).  That 
was just one, albeit one of the larger ones, division in the company.  I 
just looked up their DNS record and it indicated that hp.com was 
registered in March of 1986, although we had a well established UUCP 
network before that.

> And, we had PCs, Macs, and Unix on the same desk.

I have that today.

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