[Web4lib] Archiving Facebook groups

Bill Teschek bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us
Tue Feb 16 12:38:23 EST 2010

Has anyone ever found or heard of a way to archive all of the postings of a 
Facebook group or page? There is a group called "You know you're from 
Hampton, New Hampshire if ?" that has pages and pages of wonderful oral 
history, photos and personal reminiscences that I'd like to see preserved. 
But the Facebook format makes that difficult. Not only do you have to keep 
paging down through older posts, but if there are more than two comments 
to a post they are hidden and need to be expanded, and some longer 
posts/comments also have a "See more" link to expand them. I spent a long 
time going down through the entire group expanding everything I could, then 
saved the file to my desktop, but when I view the result it reverts to a single, 
unexpanded page after it fully loads. I tried a utility called fbarchive but that 
seems to be more geared to personal pages than groups. It will save groups 
but won't automatically expand all of the "See more/View all" etc. links. Any 
advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Teschek
Assistant Director/Head of Technical Services
Lane Memorial Library
2 Academy Ave.
Hampton, NH 03842
bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us

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