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Continuous emails to a group that are not directly influenced by the group's purpose can be (and in this case is) a direct influence for unnecessary bandwidth.  If something is seemingly in err, or could be modified in a way to benefit the majority (rather than cause a ruckus from the active group members), it should probably be listened to.  It is simply a form of good customer service, to listen to those you attempt to cater to; whether they're loud and overbearing or not.  A lot of the time, albeit obnoxious, negative comments will typically garner much more insight than positive comments.
It's hard to improve on something when all that is received are glowing compliments.
To the technical side of things: Listserves are not easy to reply to a direct subject when received in digest mode.  If I could subscribe in digest mode and reply directly, I wouldn't be as concerned; even though it would still inflate my singular digest's email size beyond the point of necessary.  (As was suggested - a snippet, not a complete repost of the blog article, would suffice.)
Since I've hopped in to this conversation I was trying not to (but found entertaining none-the-less), it's quite evident that there is great desire to steer discussion from the *discussion list* to the originating site when the newest original topic created by the author asks users to please visit his site to discuss the article.  At this point, the purpose of a discussion list is seemingly lost; though I do hope the author's articles are of use to some on this list at the very least.
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Perhaps all of you are correct, but I have to say that the complaining takes a lot more bandwidth than just deleting the messages one does not like.  It we are honest, none of us could say that we read every WEB4LIB message we received.

I hope that the moderators will step in soon to end these threads.  This is getting tiresome, to say the least.

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