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Sorry, I don't mean to diminish what you may think you have gone through to preserve ethical standards.  

One can only imagine how tough the University of California would be on staff librarians who wish to abide by professional ethics.

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> On the other hand, Roy's stance as an employee of OCLC that sells services to
> libraries is really not the same as someone who is on the front lines of
> library services.  It is pretty easy to commit to professional ethics when you
> are never challenged and your commitment to professional ethics helps to sell
> your services.  I know lots of hawks who are all for war, especially when they
> are not the ones who serve.

I've worked in libraries since the age of 17. First I volunteered at my
local public library. Then, at 18, I was able to get a job via a youth
training program at a community college library. I worked that into a
full-time job there, and eventually went on to work my way through school at
first a state university, then the University of California. I worked at the
University of California for 21 years, then joined OCLC a bit over 3 years
ago. I have over 30 years of actual library experience, most of it in
front-line public service positions. I've had plenty of time to have my
commitment to the ethics of the profession tested on the front lines of
library services.

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