[Web4lib] Frequency of web site updating as it relates to search engine optimization

Ensel, Ellen eensel at usip.org
Fri May 15 13:55:35 EDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

The Public Affairs Department at my organization is debating the merits of updating our Institute web site frequently (daily) to show that we are addressing current issues in our field, as opposed to maintaining the same material on the web site for up to 72 hours to give search engines an opportunity to crawl our site. We  of course want to build an audience, but we also want fresh material. Does anyone know of any resources or  information-studies, surveys, articles, etc.-that can support either or both of these actions, so we have something to base a decision on?

Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide.

Ellen Ensel
Director of Knowledge Management and Library Services
United States Institute of Peace
Ph: 202-429-3895
Fax: 202-457-0259
eensel at usip.org

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