[Web4lib] shared cataloguing between libraries and booksellers

jfitzgibbon at galwaylibrary.ie jfitzgibbon at galwaylibrary.ie
Tue Jul 14 11:23:44 EDT 2009


We are all used to the idea of shared cataloguing between libraries. One 
library catalogues a book and another downloads the record thereby 
avoiding duplication of effort. The downloading library can expand or 
otherwise amend the record.

Has there ever been an attempt to extend this idea to booksellers such as 
Amazon; and Barnes and Noble? This would probably require the use of XML 
rather than MARC. Libraries and Booksellers would create, share, and 
expand bibliographic records. Both sets of organization would use 
stylesheets to display only those elements which are of interest to the 
intended audience.

Are there plans to do this or is it too impractical? Are both sets of 
people working in splendid isolation?

Anyway, such are my musings on a rainy Tuesday morning.


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