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Chris Barr christopher.barr at villanova.edu
Fri Mar 7 13:59:15 EST 2008


Is this for the http://library.auraria.edu/ site that your signature 
would suggest? After looking at that site I couldn't find a comments a 
button. It could simply be a design issue, like having it hidden in a 
drop down or not clearly labeled, keeping folks from sending in feedback.

Also on that site I would point out that your links and text are black 
with no underlining! How do I know what is clickable?!?! Jakob Nielson 
would not approve. (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20040510.html) :)

Chris Barr

McHale, Nina wrote:
> Hey, all,
> I've beeen charged to create a "suggestion box/blog" by my admin folks.
> Anybody doing anything cool along those lines? We already have a news
> and events blog, and patrons often post comments to this. We also have a
> somewhat rarely used (twice a month?) comments/feedback form.
> Nina
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