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Anderson, Jade N janderson at austin.utexas.edu
Fri Aug 8 15:11:08 EDT 2008

Here's what the (sighted) accessibility expert at our university had to say about the reCAPTCHA we're using at our library:

" I tried the libraries recaptcha boxes and I was able to use Jaws and the keyboard to switch to an audio presentation so that seemed all right. I had to exit forms mode so that I could hear the other option for audio challenge.

"The problem I have with it is that it asked for 8 numbers which is too many to remember and you have to worry about JAWS talking while the audio is playing . So I can't go to the edit field and go into forms mode because then I can't hear the audio (these movements make JAWS talk) and I can't stop the audio and start it again because I need to leave forms mode to be able to start the audio again.  It is probably doable with some repetitions but it didn't seem very smooth and I suspect fewer numbers would be better.

"JAWS is reading the "...incorrect/try again message" as the label for the form so that also seems confusing.

So except for the wrong label (I think), it may technically be accessible - but functionally I'm not sure how accessible it is."


Jade Anderson
Information Architect
University of Texas Libraries
janderson at austin.utexas.edu

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Hi Jennifer,

We have an Outreach Department that serves patrons that cannot read printed materials. We consulted them and their patrons before implementing reCAPTCHA. They found the audio CAPTCHA available with reCAPTCHA to be acceptable and had no trouble using JAWS or Window Eyes (the two screen readers most commonly in use here) with it.

Lynn Reynish
ILS Librarian
Regina Public Library
lreynish at reginalibrary.ca
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The cooperative digitization aspect of reCAPTCHA is definitely appealing, but I'd encourage everyone to consider the accessibility of captchas before implementing them: http://www.w3.org/TR/turingtest/.

Jennifer Vine
User Interface Designer
Stanford University Libraries


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