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Could someone please define "flesh tones"?  Are we talking the old
Crayola "white people" flesh tone, that they've finally renamed "peach"?
Or are they filtering for just about every possible shade from ivory to
very, very dark brown?

And what happens when Grandma wants to look at pictures of her new
grandchild on one of the dozens of photo album sites?


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There are lots of non-pornographic things in the world that are
relatively flesh-toned (our own Central Library atrium, for example). 

It's also possible to have pornographic pictures of people who are
mostly clad in various non-flesh-colored items or materials. Imagining
the details of this is an exercise I'll leave for the reader. (This has
been a identified loophole in such products in the past.)

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There are filters that purport to block images based on flesh tones,
etc. Here's one example (just what I found via Google):


All of the reviews I've read of these products is that they seriously
overblock. This particular product claims it blocks 96% of pornographic
images. What they don't tell you is how many non-pornographic images are
blocked as well. Unfortunately, it appears that these filters don't
"know it when they see it".

Andrew Mutch
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> Hi,
> Is there a good graphics based content filter that will automatically 
> prevent the browser from displaying certain images based on flesh 
> tone? We are concerned with blocking pornographic images. Is this 
> possible? Blocking pornographic text is not as great a concern for us.
> Also, we are hoping to do this at the client side rather than through 
> the use of a proxy server.
> Has this type of filtering software been largely discredited, or, are 
> there solutions out there worthy of consideration?
> I would welcome any suggestions.
> Regards
> John
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