[Web4lib] Gracefully degrades to..?

Bret Parker Bret.Parker at ci.stockton.ca.us
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And for those who want to read about this elsewhere, here is a good

Aaron Weiss, "The Web Designer's Dilemma: When Standards and Practice
Diverge," netWorker 10.1 (March 2006), 18-25. (ISSN:  1091-3556). 

Weiss offers good points to both sides of the argument.

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>>> Mike Taylor <mike at miketaylor.org.uk> 5/24/2006 9:43 AM >>>
Jennifer Heise writes:
 > Can you recommend a good book on using CSS for positioning that
 > DOES degrade gracefully? I've really avoided using CSS-based layout
 > myself because I've seen it degrade horribly so many times, and I
 > don't want to take a chance on my users seeing all the text piled
 > on top of each other.

I quite agree.  I know that people go on about how great it is that
you can use CSS for layout, but I've never seen the appeal, and I
prefer to use tables for layout and CSS for, well, style.  The result
of course is that my sites _do_ degrade gracefully -- much more
gracefully that CSS-layout sides do on browsers that don't implement
CSS properly (which is not rare).

So I think you should quietly ignore the advice of the CSS-layout
mafia, and lay your pages out using good old-fashioned tables, at
least for the next few years.

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