[Web4lib] Minolta flatbed scanner

Alma Garcia almag at mills.edu
Mon May 15 16:10:12 EDT 2006

We have an older Minolta flatbed scanner (model PS3000) that was used 
with the Minolta software  Initially  the project was to scan materials 
from the Special Collections to make available on line.   I have not 
been involved with the set up or configuration of the scanner, but now 
have to investigate any possible options to get this to work again.  I 
understand it needs a SCSI card, and then we would be able to use 

This anyone using this scanner, and has been successful in now using 
moving away from the Minolta software?  Any  direction that you might 
offer would be greatly appreciated.

Alma García			Library Systems Administrator
Mills College Library		510-430-2021	
5000 MacArthur Blvd.		510-430-3155 fax
Oakland, CA  94613		

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