[Web4lib] Online "poster" tool for non-tech savvy faculty?

Steve Lawson bevedog at gmail.com
Thu May 4 02:04:54 EDT 2006

Thanks very much to all who replied; I'm sure this will keep my
correspondent busy trying all these options!

As for working with a blog non-chronologically, it is certainly possible in
Movable Type, and I expect other platforms as well. Just to take two
examples from my own blogs, this archives page from a group book review
blog, "Bookends," lists all the reviews alphabetically; there's no reason it
couldn't be the blog home page if that was how we wanted to display the
information instead of the usual reverse-chronological:


I have also used an MT blog as a presentation device, where the entries
*are* displayed in reverse chronological order, but the date/time
information isn't shown, and each entry was artificially dated to make them
appear in the order I desired:


Anyway, thanks again, and feel free to keep the suggestions coming.


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