[Web4lib] Time Out software and domain controllers

Mark Allan mark.allan at angelo.edu
Thu Jun 22 12:20:25 EDT 2006

Folks -

I have broached this question before with regard to time-out software on 
information commons-style PCs, but have a narrower question. According to 
our Information Technology Department, our users authenticate network 
access with our domain controllers. Most of the time-out software available 
(I quote) "is meant to be used on machines that automatically log in, then 
run the time software (the time software will then authenticate them)."  We 
need one that "runs before people logon so people will still be able to get 
their network drives, print, etc..."

One piece of software identified that may meet our needs is Fortes Grand's 
http://www.fortresgrand.com/products/tlm/tlm.htm . Does anyone have any 
alternative products that may work?

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