[Web4lib] Next new thing?

fiona bradley blisspix at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 02:57:47 EDT 2005

Vlogs! Though I think their impact will be limited, since it requires
more bandwidth and hardware than podcasting, and requires you to sit
in fron tof a screen (whether computer or television). Though their
potential in providing alternatives to current television programming
and bringing existing community television programs to a wider
audience is enormous. It's also great that so many vloggers have all
of their work archived by the Internet Archive - which didn't happen
automatically with blogs or podcasts.

I see the potential for more video artists to distribute their work
via vlogs, too, instead of just showing their work in galleries.

Adrian Miles from RMIT has a fascinating blog on vlogging -


On 7/16/05, Sloan, Bernie <bernies at uillinois.edu> wrote:
> First we had blogging, and then podcasting.
> What's the next new up-and-coming thing along these lines?
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