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> Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 09:52:16 -0700
> From: Avi Rappoport <avi-list at searchtools.com>
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> At 2:52 PM -0700 9/1/02, garyp at itd.umd.edu wrote:
> >We are looking to replace our current search engine for the 
> libraries' 
> >web site (provided by the campus) with one that is locally run and 
> >configured. The one we use will need to be open source and run on a 
> >Solaris platform. I have downloaded htdig, which I like, 
> except that it 
> >doesn't support phrase searching (though it is suppossed to be 
> >available in the beta version).
> >
> >Are there any open source web search engines that you have installed 
> >and are happy with?  Thanks in advance.
> You have more choices than you think: ASPSeek, mnoGoSearch, SWISH-E 
> and more will compile and run on Solaris.  Take a look at 
> <http://www.searchtools.com/tools/tools-opensource.html> for listings.
> Avi

Hi Gary
   I carry out a regular survey of search engine sused in UK University
Web sites.  Details are available at:
   ht://Dig is the most popular.  Google is growing in popularity, and a
number of universities are now using 2 search engines, typically
ht://Dig and Google.
   There don't appear to be any open source solutions which are widely


PS On the subject of ht://Dig, is anyone using he facility to index
Dublin Core (and arbitrary) metadata, which is available in the latest

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