[WEB4LIB] Legit Internet Use

Michael Sauers msauers at bcr.org
Tue Sep 17 16:23:59 EDT 2002

> That way we ensure that something will be available for
> research without having to kick someone off an Internet
> computer.

Ahh, the 'R' word. Are you implying that there are no 'research' uses for
the Internet or even that there are no 'non-research' purposes for your
databases? And, just what should be considered 'research' anyway? You're
library has Danielle Steele books, right? What are the research purposes of
those? What right does a librarian have to decide what is 'research' and
what is not? (Assuming we have the right to know what their doing or why
they're doing it in the first place.)

(Let the fun begin... ;-)

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