[WEB4LIB] Re: managed collection of sites

Tom Edelblute thomas at anaheim.lib.ca.us
Tue Sep 17 16:09:19 EDT 2002

In Anaheim we have our computer divided into functional units.  The
Internet computers are in one section of the library and the computers
that are used for the subscription databases are in a different section
of the library.  These are also different profiles in the server, and
the one for subscription databases uses the illegal proxy server of
x.x.x and the exceptions list for the subscription databases.  That way
we ensure that something will be available for research without having
to kick someone off an Internet computer.

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Dan Lester wrote:
> Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 10:01:59 AM, you wrote:
> RB> Recently we had issues with a couple of kids accessing porn sites on
> RB> machines in the Youth Services Dept. (Ah, sweet innocent youth! :)) Our YS
> RB> Librarians decided that they wanted to go to a managed collection of URLs.
> RB> They identified about 1200 sites they want to include.
> Welcome to the world of filtering.  As you can see, it is a bottomless
> pit.
> Have your colleagues considered dealing with this in a
> non-technological way?  Maybe kids who surf porn should be banned from
> the library, have a letter sent to parents, be beaten with an old
> encyclopedia volume, or something else.  Technology is NOT always the
> best answer.  As we're fond of telling folks here, "That's not a
> technology problem, that's a management problem."
> dan
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