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Andrew I. Mutch amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us
Tue Sep 3 11:59:56 EDT 2002

Jerry raises a very important point. Because of Mozilla's XUL-based
interface, locking down the browser is no simple task. To achieve the
level of security necessary for a public access computer, you have a great
deal of hacking in store for you. Now, if someone did this and distributed
the modifications to do this, it would save a lot of people a lot of work.
The tricky part is Mozilla's constantly evolving code is going to require
some work to keep up with the changes.

Despite the appearance from the home page, K-Meleon has been in constant
development since October 2001. I was hoping to see a release earlier this
summer but as things sometimes happen with open source software, for
various reasons, that did not happen. However, I do expect to see
something very close to the 0.7 release coming out shortly. For those who
have been waiting, there's been some nice improvements including all of
the updates to the underlying Mozilla code as well as an implementation of
a tabbing feature, like Mozilla, and a plugin that supports Opera's

Andrew Mutch
Library Systems Technician
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On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Jerry Kuntz wrote:

> Raymond, et al.
>     For public workstations I'm still not sure you can jump to Mozilla unless there is a way to replicate all the lockdowns and privacy-protections on browser operations similar to what Public Web Browser does for Internet Explorer. The last I checked, the K-Meleon version of Mozilla hadn't been updated since Oct., 2001.
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> >On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 07:45:26AM -0700, Michael Sauers remarked:
> >> > My library will soon change the browser on our public and staff
> >> > computers from Netscape to Explorer. I need a bookmark converter
> >> > so the staff won't lose all their favorite bookmarks.
> >
> >Your library should switch to Mozilla instead.
> >
> >IMO  :)
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Raymond
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