[WEB4LIB] Internet Plugins

Robert Sullivan rsullivan at sals.edu
Wed Sep 25 16:58:04 EDT 2002

> I am going to be upgrading to W2000 and reconfiguring my Public
> computers in the next month or so. Does anyone out there has a good
list of
> plugins, helper apps, chat apps, etc. to install

We use Acrobat 5.0.5 with the CJK language add-ons, QuickTime 6,
RealPlayer 8 Basic, Windows Media Player, Shockwave/Flash, AlternaTIFF,
ArcExplorer 2 (for some GIS files our planning department gives us) and
the DjVu and MrSID viewers.  There's also a new one Ancestry is using
for census images.

For PCs without Microsoft Office (mostly those dedicated to our catalog
and databases), I add viewers for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and
the Access Snap viewer.

We have found this group to be sufficient for a long time, the only
change being that Ancestry viewer a few weeks ago.

Bob Sullivan  <rsullivan at sals.edu>
Schenectady County Public Library (NY)  <http://www.scpl.org/>
Schenectady Digital History Archive

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