Google News Gets A New Look, More Content

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Mon Sep 23 10:01:46 EDT 2002

Hello from D.C. 

Fyi. Here is a blurb from my resourceshelf blog about the update to the Google 
News beta. 

Google News Gets A New Look, More Content 

Today, Google announced several major changes and updates to the Google News 
Beta. Some of you began seeing the changes last week. 
What's New? 
* Over 4000 English Language Sources. This is a MAJOR Increase to the List of 
Crawled Sources. Previously at about 100. 
* Database Refreshed Every 15 Minutes. 
* Tab to Google News Listed With the Other Google Tools (Web, Images, Groups, 
* Layout Of Google News Home Page 

What Continues? 
* Clustering of Headlines on Similar Topic From Various Sources 
* Ability to Sort Results by Relevance or Date 

What's Not Available? 
* Advanced Interface 
* Non-English Language Content 
*Ability to Limit from a Specific Source 

Other Things To Know 
*You Can Limit To Terms in the Title or Headline by Using the Syntax intitle: 
*Material Archived for One Week, Then Purged From News Database 

See Also: AlltheWeb News (Several Thousand News Sources, Includes Non-English 
Language Content, Advanced Interface) 

See Also: Northern Light News (Sources No Available Elsewhere on the Open Web For 
Free. Free E-Mail Alerts) 

See Also: Rocket News 

See Also: NewsNow 


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