[WEB4LIB] Re: In search of software

Raymond Wood raywood at magma.ca
Thu Jan 24 09:41:32 EST 2002

> At 07:33 AM 1/24/2002, you wrote:
> >Hello! Is anyone aware of a piece of software where
> >multiple users can publish instantly to the web which
> >also has an e-mail notification feature for people who
> >do not wish to check the web and also has an
> >electronic list feature? I know yahoogroups archives
> >postings and offers websites, but they are not
> >publicly accessible; one must sign in to view it. It
> >seems that most of the blogging software is for
> >individuals instead of group posting and if it has
> >multiple user posting options, it does not have the
> >email notification feature. I am probably missing
> >something that is out there. Thanks, Lori

I researched 'forums' software for awhile, and came across what
looked like a good one.  I'm going by memory, but it was
something like 'w-agora'.  A google search should do the rest :)


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