[WEB4LIB] Re: How to describe a site?

Nancy Sosna Bohm plum at ulink.net
Thu May 11 14:26:37 EDT 2000

I think that users looking for a broken link will just as likely use either 
the "Title" that they recall appearing in a distinctive manner (font, 
graphic, etc.) on the page, the address, or the subject.

If by "title," you mean what appears in the bar at the top of the screen, I 
would include in the <title> tag code key words that would be indexed by 
any search engine, which might not be the same as the title of the page.

Then description as it will appear in some engines list of hits: <META 
NAME="description" CONTENT="A page about and by and for blah blah blah">

Then more index terms in the <META NAME="keywords" 

At 09:15 AM 5/11/00 -0700, Dan Robinson  Indexing Services wrote:
>Hanan, it is important to use the 'real' title of the website or
>webpage in your list. If the link gets broken for some reason, the
>user can use the title to search the site (if that option exists), or
>start the backtrack through a search engine. It doesn't matter that
>the title seems to make no sense.
>You give the titles 'sense' in your description and keywords.  If you
>have a few sites on 'eating disorders', then that phrase should be in
>your keywords. A keyword list will bring them all together. Many
>times the HTML Title will be different from the written title for a page
>in one of the head fields. Then I would include the written title in the
>Also, think of the problems that you'll create for yourself when
>trying to update or check for live links later. You won't be able to
>print a list of links and titles and check them off. You'll have to
>either retrieve your whole entry for everything, or try to remember
>where you used the real title and where you didn't. And, if you give
>the updating to someone else, they'll find the site with the 'real'
>title, check it against your titles, and enter a new record, since it
>obviously doesn't exist in your list.
>Dan Robinson
>Indexing Services
>H.W. Wilson Company
>Bronx, NY
>drobinson at hwwilson.com
>On 11 May 00, at 3:24, Hanan Cohen wrote:
> >.
> >
> > While adding sites to my "sites database for libraries" I had a feeling
> > that I am doing something wrong. In the database, each site has a title,
> > description and keywords.
> >
> > In the sites' title I didn't enter the exact title of the site but a
> > title that I thought best described the information available on the
> > site.
> >
> >...........
> >
> > Oh, mighty librarians, please enlighten me! I am in the dark...;-)
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