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Paul Deane pdeane at
Thu Sep 16 15:41:51 EDT 1999

Jim Barrett had a good suggestion.

 Save the settings you want to use and then close and save WORD. These 
settings are all saved in Word's template "," which is located
in the following directory:

	C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\

  Make this file read only and then the settings cannot be permanently
  changed; though WORD will prompt the user to save the changes with a
  different name.

This solves most of the problem of changes  to margins and other oddities. 
 It does not block any changes that patrons make in the options or 
customize button under tools.  This does not happen as often.  Still it 
would be nice to prevent these changes from sticking.

Others have suggested moving to NT from 98 and to Office 2000 from 97.

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