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Wed Feb 24 05:05:51 EST 1999

Dear Web4libbers,

this could be off topic: you could answer me and not the list, if this is not of interest.

I would like to have from you comments about MSOutlook as software for managing e-mail, contacts and in general the tasks of a library. In our small library we would like to use it to create a database of contacts to easily print labels, search for single or categorized contacts, create mail to certain contacts, etc.

I think that the program itself could be not so friendly to use (it has a lot of functions, which, if not of use, could be frustrating for a "simple" user), but I will appreciate very much some other comments, which could be different from mine. In particular, I would like also to know if some of you has implemented Outlook on a Server to create a centralized database for the contact for the whole office.

Thanks very much in advance
Francesco Giacanelli

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