New Virtual Library

Isidro F. Aguillo isidro at
Tue Feb 23 06:11:34 EST 1999

Dear colleagues:

We are starting a new Virtual Library project. The aim is to provide quantitative
maps describing the presence in the Web of R&D institutions from all over the
world. The maps are obtained using Microsoft Content Analyst (Site Server 3.0),
so the Library will be only an archive of files at the beginning, but we intend
to provide keywords in the future as added value.
The first part of the "Internet World of R&D" Library comprising over 300 files
of Finnish Universities is available from:

We intend to publish more files in the future, but we are especially interested
in collaborations from people who wish to provide files describing other
institutions. The agent is available for download and free evaluation for 90

Your suggestions will be welcome.

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