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New on LLRX for February 15, 1999

Pure Oxygen: Breathing Life into Law Office Intranets
Stephen T. Maher, lawyer and legal educator, provides his perspective on
the value of legal intranets to law firms.  In particular, he reviews
capabilities of Pure Oxygen, the intranet software product developed by
John Hokkanen.  

Successfully Networking CD-ROM Services at the Pension Benefit Guarantee
Lillian H. Fry describes her library's experience in implementing a
agency-wide collection of networked CD-ROMs, using hard drive transfer

In her latest CongressLine, Carol M. Morrissey contributes On a Wing and
Prayer: Local Governments and the Year 2000, a detailed overview of the
status of state and local government efforts to bring their operations

Reference From Coast to Coast: Searches and Strategies, by Megan Culich
Butman of Katten Muchin & Zavis, highlights several useful Web sources
answer the question, What county is this city in?  

In Notes from the Technology Trenches, Betsy Klampert reviews two recent
conferences; Legal Tech New York 1999, and the PLI seminar, Managing the
Law Library 1999. For those unable to attend these meetings, Betsy
highlights valuable information and Web resources from both.

Cincinnati Librarians Give Summer Associates an "Inside Look" at the
Mary Lynn Wagner describes the innovative and collaborate program which
provided many of Cinncinati's summer associates with a fast start on
legal experience.  

Seven Quick and Easy Internet Legal Research Tips
Jerry Lawson gets right to the point with his useful tips on 
how to make your Web searching faster and more effective. 

In Margaret Berkland's new Links in the News you will find: a site that
covers Internet and technology issues in the pharmaceutical industry; a
research resource from the University of Virginia; a site with extensive
Canadian government information; a zip code information site; a
search engine site; and an historical currency exchange rate site.  

On the Newsstand has links to articles on: a site which is a
dream; a law suit against two major Web search engine companies;
the availability of disaster data; Internet advertising revenues
the continued strength of the daily newspaper; government statistical
on the Web; powerful new knowledge management software; the best
and national ISPs; and a profile of Sun's co-founder.  

LLRXalerts reports on the Amazon.com's admission of selling screen space

LLRXbookstore: Books for the Legal Information Professional
Take a look at the new listings available in the LLRXbookstore!   Search
Amazon.com directly from our bookstore, and purchase to your heart's
content. We also continue to provide direct links to topical materials
referenced in LLRX articles and reviews, and a quick and easy means to
purchase them. 

LLRXlinks puts the Spotlight on several new resources, including a Web
tutorial covering subject indexes and search engines; Law Stuff USA, a
source for legal casebooks and study guides; the CALI Tech Survey; the
State Bar course search page; BookFinder.com, and lots more. LLRXlinks
is a
comprehensive, up-to-date resource to Web links on topics ranging from
legal research to library products & services.  


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