[WEB4LIB] Re: URL maintenance in WebPAC (Innopac)

Darryl Friesen Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca
Tue Feb 9 17:28:32 EST 1999

>>>It seems to me that there was an III enhancement available for link
>>>checking, but I don't know the details.
>>Let me guess, like every other 'enhancement' from III it costs an
>>$10,000 and hardly works.
>Regardless, as a Web application, the Innovative WebPAC has bigger fish to
>fry.  I have serious concerns about whether it will even be usable in the
>version 5 browsers coming out.

You mean every HTML document isn't SUPPOSED to have 8 sets of HEAD and BODY
tags?  And META tags don't really NEED to inside the HEAD tag does it?  Isn't
the OFFICIAL SPECIFICATION just a rough guide for how things might be done?

I'm surprised it works with current browsers. That's precisely what I means by
"hardly works" ("barely works" is I guess what I meant).

- Darryl

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