[WEB4LIB] Re: Password protection and Win95

Andrew Mutch amutch at waterford.lib.mi.us
Tue Feb 9 08:21:05 EST 1999

While I think the responses advocating NT v. Win95/98 are on the point, I don't
think it will address this particular problem.  From the explanation, the
machines that are being used -- with upgrades -- are not good candidates for a
migration to NT -- and just speculating, but I'm guessing there are not the $$$
available to make such a move.

What David needs to explore are some third-party solutions that will lock down
the hard-drive and the desktop on Win95.  I really like WinU
(http://www.bardon.com) -- which locks down the desktop and provides a menuing
program -- for this purpose.  I haven't used the newest version but I hear it
functions as well or better than the previous versions.  There are other programs
out there that others can chime in with and are suitable for public access OPACs,
Internet Stations, etc.  They are generally affordable -- $30 to 50 per machine
-- especially when upgrading to NT would require purchasing a new box.

Andrew Mutch

Jon Knight wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, David Merchant wrote:
> > I forgot to change the subject line.  Also, after some emails in response I
> > realize I need to add some more information: we don't have an NT network
> > here, no NT workstations, no NT servers.  We are just now getting people
> > upgraded from DOS and Win3.1 (on 286 and 386 machines) to Win95 (replacing
> > mother boards and adding memory so we can do that).
> If you want even the vaguest hint of security on your machines forget
> doing a DOS/Win3.1 -> Win95/98 upgrade and go straight for a DOS/Win3.1 ->
> WinNT upgrade.  Win95/98 is really designed for home use and has little or
> no security.  I'd only give Win95/98 to trusted individuals (eg staff).
> Here we have staff on Win95 and students on public lab WinNT machines.
> Even if you use Novell Netware on the Win95 box people can cancel the
> login banner.  Admittedly they won't then be able to use much in the way
> of Novell services but if the Top Secret Data is on the machine's own
> harddisc then its game over.
> Tatty bye,
> Jim'll

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