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Thomas Dowling tdowling at ohiolink.edu
Tue Feb 16 12:12:43 EST 1999

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>We have a problem with a frameset. The menu-links all go to URL:s which =
>we want to open in a separate window (=3D_top"). To avoid having to =
>write the target on each of the Iinks we wonder if anybody knows how to =
>make some kind of  "Base target".
>Best regards
>Lena Jacobson
>Catarina Nordling

It's spelled out pretty succinctly in the HTML 4 specification:

16.3.1 Setting the default target for links

When many links in the same document designate the same target, it is
possible to specify the target once and dispense with the target attribute
of each element. This is done by setting the target attribute of the BASE

That tells you how to do it.  It doesn't guarantee that your users
actually want your page to start opening new windows with every link.

Thomas Dowling
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