[WEB4LIB] Converting MS Access database to web database

Karen Harker KHARKE at mednet.swmed.edu
Tue Feb 16 12:02:37 EST 1999

There is a good book that does an overview of all the available methods of making a Web database:
Ju, Patricia.  1997.  Databases on the Web.  M&T Books.

I have become heavily involved in making local databases available for the Web.  The university has purchased ColdFusion to help with this.  While the university has cheap access to Microsoft's Visual Interdev (which integrates Web applications, including databases), we are still using CF because it is easier to use.  There are many functions which would require much scripting if we used Java or Interdev.

CF is not cheap, but it's not terribly expensive.  There is also an established network of users for support.  It's available by Allaire (www.allaire.com).

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>>> "Jane A. Rutherford" <jane.rutherford at gallaudet.edu> 2/16/99 10:44:14 AM >>>
Gallaudet University is the world's only liberal arts college for deaf
and hard-of-hearing people.  As such, we are often called upon to locate
information in some important, but not indexed, deaf-related
periodicals.  One of our reference librarians has been creating indexes
to some of the popular deaf-related periodicals.  

Thus far, he has produced a database of index entries using a program
that is not widely used and he prints lists by subject.  This database
can be imported into Microsoft Access; I have done this as a test and
the data looks just fine.

What we would like to do next is take this MS Access database (or the
information in it) and make it searchable on the web.  We want to
provide access to articles, in order of priority, by subject (controlled
vocabulary), by keyword, and by periodical issue.  I have seen similar
things on several web sites but have no idea where to begin.

One thing to consider is that I will probably have to do much if
not all of the database conversion and maintenance work myself, while my
colleague continues creating the content.  I am very comfortable with
HTML.  While I have some background in programming, it is quite long
ago.  I don't know anything about using things like Java, CGI, and
Perl.  Also, my current job responsibilities preclude spending tons of
time converting and maintaining such information.  

Is there an existing program out there that would do this easily?  Can
you recommend any books, articles, or web sites that will give me any
needed background and practical advice?  Any additional words of wisdom
for me?  

You may respond to me personally.  I will summarize for the group if

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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