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David Borchardt davidb at cstone.net
Tue Dec 29 09:34:50 EST 1998

Dear Angela,

INVORTEX Technologies' program - Public Access Manager (PAM) offers security
for the OS and applications on Windows '95/'98 client workstations. PAM
currently supports most MS applications, including Word '95/'97, Publisher,
and Works.  Final touches on Excel and PowerPoint will be complete the first
week of January and support for NT workstations will follow shortly
thereafter.  Public Access Manager can be an administrators best friend,
installing easily across either NT or Novel networks or on autonomous PCs.

PAM's list of core features include the following:
     · Secures OS and applications from Patron/Staff tampering
     · Allows administrator to set session time and print limits
     · Optional Patron/Staff logon
     · Easily sets up over a network - Separate security restrictions for
     · Generates Patron/Staff Logon and Activity Log for data mining
     · Included Intranet templates give option of HTML interface or Windows
'95/'98 desktop
     · URL restriction may be imposed for specific terminals ( WEB Catalog,
EBSCO, etc.)
     · Automatic End-of-Day PC-Shutdown feature

If you would like a full working 30-day evaluation version of Public Access
Manager, please contact me and I will make it available to you.

Warmest Holiday Regards to One & All,

David C. Borchardt, Library Division
INVORTEX Technologies, Inc.
davidb at invortex.com

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From: Angela Kirchner <dragonsha at rocketmail.com>
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Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 11:46 PMtio

>Hello Y'all
>The Hayward Public Library is creating a monster.  We will be putting
>out a Word Processing station with Excel and Publisher.  I am using
>WinSelect to secure all my Internet station however it doesn't work on
>the Microsoft products.  Does somebody know if Full Armor or another
>product will work to limit saving to the hard drive etc...
>Any assistance will help a lot.
>Angela Kirchner
>Senior Library Assistant
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