[WEB4LIB] Re: Best of the Web

Walter Minkel walterm at nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us
Wed Dec 23 14:38:11 EST 1998

Sean et al: We'd like to hear your comments on the newly redesigned
Multnomah County Library Web site at http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/lib/
It's a very large site with quite a lot of information & features hidden
behind a pretty simple index page. Thanks, W

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, sean dreilinger wrote:

> "Andrew I. Mutch" wrote:
> > library web site.  I'm interested in hearing about examples of library web
> > sites that you all think demonstate excellence in design, usability, etc.
> don't know many library web sites, and sadly, have not noticed any LIS
> sites on cool site of the day (http://cool.infi.net/). maybe we need a
> Cool Library Web Site of the Week award :-)
> post your urls when you have time, i'd love to see some other library
> web sites!
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>                           sean dreilinger, mlis
>                           mailto:sean at durak.org
>                           http://durak.org/sean

Walter Minkel, School Corps Technology Trainer
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MCL KidsPage: http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/lib/kids/

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