Telnet client for Netscape (fwd)

Robb Scholten roscho at
Fri Sep 15 13:35:25 EDT 1995

Yet another problem is one that we are experiencing.  We provide access 
to medical databases to registered clients.  Some of them are now 
reaching us through Netscape.  When they attempt to telnet to us, the 
first character in every string after a prompt must be repeated in order 
to be recognized.  As Netscape does not provide a telnet client to its 
users, this means that we need to test all known telnet clients to find 
which ones are not compatible with our gateway.

Delphi does provide its own telnet client, and it doesn't work either in 
their WWW betasoftware.  The problem seems to be with the NTS Stacks who 
are apparently not interested in resolving it.

This is a major headache for us.  Easily half of our potential WWW users 
cannot use telnet to reach us.  If anyone else has experienced this and 
can give me some guidance, I would be most appreciative.

Robb Scholten
roscho at

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